Story on the plate, Baked Figs with Rockford Cheese and Almonds (26 January 2015)


On Sunday morning I went to the local market in Moema, Sao Paulo to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables. Right now it is a season for figs and I could not resist buying some. Some of them we had for breakfast and the rest I plan to bake in the oven. Inspiration to this photo and cooking session I found in two sources: a book of Lotta Lundgren ”Om jag var din hemmafru eller hur man får en vardag att smaka som en lördag” (if I was your housewife!) and online photo course done by Todd Porter and Diane Cu where they teach the importance of light.  
Lotta´s book is a great source of creative pictures and recipes which differ a bit from the one we are used to see. The photo course I saw online and I felt like I need to experiment with light to learn more and hopefully that the pictures I take will look better.  

Baked Figs with Rockford Cheese and Almonds

1/2 dl almonds
1/2 dl honey
8 fresh and mature figs
100 g Rockford cheese

Put the oven into 225 °C. On the frying pan fry almonds until they will be golden brown. Cut the figs in half and move into the baking form. Cut the Rockford cheese into 1 cm pieces and spread it over the figs. Spread the almonds and sprinkle with honey.  Put the figs into the oven and leave for 5-10 minutes until the cheese melts. Serve with a port wine.