Memories From my Last Workshop (10 February 2016 )


Just few days before the Christmas I was suppose to run the cooking workshop about Swedish Food
"Six classic Swedish dishes".
I was a bit worried that people would not have time to come to learn cooking just before Christmas! At the end ten persons signed in and arrived to Cook&Book´s studio with lots of energy and happy faces! After a short introduction to the Swedish food, they had hands full of work. I love to see how everyone gets involved and how much fun people had when they cook together. Once we were ready with cooking, all teams presented their food on the table and it looked so delicious! You can see it on the photos done by my friend Konrad Jęcek, thank you for being with us and documenting those beautiful moments on your photos!
I was really proud to see the end result and even more proud when I tasted the food. Great work Everyone and thank you so much for coming is thanks to you all those workshops could take place! Thank you great team of Cook&Book Studio for keeping to invite me, it is a pleasure to work with you and I can´t wait to do it again!

Great people, spirit and memories!!!